Who will win out in the End? Wilson or Brady?



Super Bowl 49 has had no shortage of story lines and with ten days to go, the championship game really can’t get here soon enough.  Between Deflategate and verbal shots taken at Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady by Seattle Players tensions will be running higher than ever.  Don’t forget about the coaching chess match that will undoubtedly take place between Pete Carrol and Bill Belichek which in all likelihood translate to what happens on the field.  Russell Wilson will be a statistical equal to Tom Brady both in raw numbers and hardware to the same point in their respective careers.  With a 4th Super Bowl victory Tom Brady will become equal with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with rings, and his legacy will arguably be cemented if the Patriots can pull it out.  The Seahawks are eerily similar to the Patriots who won their first two Super Bowls as both teams boasted a superior defense with a QB who was simply asked to protect the football and give the game away.  Both QBs did it with limited weaponry in the receiving corps, but both signal callers had the trust of their coaches.

Sorting through the ashes of the Green Bay game and the controversy surrounding the Patriots accomplishes very little and diminishes the truly special run these teams are on.  Take the moment and consider what Seattle did to snatch victory from the hands of defeat.  After Russell Wilson did everything he could to throw the game away literally – tossing 4 INTs, the Seahawks countered with a defensive effort worthy of much recognition.  An interception on the first drive by Richard Sherman took points off the board, while several defensive stands resulted in the Packers settling for field goals.  A second interception, and consecutive three and outs in the 4th quarter were exactly what the Seahawks needed to stay in the game.  Russell Wilson took over from there, realizing his feet were what were going to enable the Seahawks to put points on the board.

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