Seattle Reiki Tarot Healer


Drop IN & Expand OUT in all you dream to be. Fierce women from all over the world are working with Diana to get to that place that makes them strong, powerful, courageous and intuitive-so they can have a luscious life.


Diana uses Reiki healing sessions, insightful intuitive Tarot readings, on-on-one month long intensive and small monthly VIP (Very INspired People) groups.


Reiki is a tool to help you get energized, unblocked, fully charged and excited to meet your goals and expand into all you can be!


Clear out the MUCK holding you back!


Your body has energy centers all through it.  Many traditions and cultures have known of these vehicles for distributing, transmitting and receiving energy for ages. Today we most commonly call them chakras.  Reiki works with these energy centers to move, charge and clear energy around and through your body.

Diana’s blog and articles inspire you to fuel your luscious life one drop at a time!


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