Positions Avail at Social N

Music Blogger Unpaid Various Genres Prefer Journalism or English Degree/Major

Social N is contacted regularly by Indie Bands, Venues, Promoters, Agents, Managers and Causes who support the local Seattle Music Scene.  Candidate must possess strong networking skills; determination and a writers knack for overcoming deadline avoidance.  This position is in our “Write for a Byline” category.  Seattle Music Editor will have a byline to their blog, social media profiles, website, URL, Amazon Landing page. Byline cannot be “salesy” or overtly commercial or lead to Webinars or Events.    This is a great position for someone who enjoys live music,  unorganized bands and dealing with local connections in greater Seattle Area.   Social N is a great place to work!  Our Founder, Lon Dunn has NEVER even contacted this office, and we don’t get criticized for what we publish.  If you want to: ~  be involved with the FASTEST GROWING BRAND in Seattle,  ~  get plugged in with whoever else is plugged in,  ~  be a part of the non  mainstream vibe we call Social N ~ get out to see some live music and write about it here in Seattle?  Then Send Your Resume and CV  and Links to:  Info@SocialIn.Biz  and CC:  AssocPublisher@SocialNWorldwide.com



  West Coast Sales Manager:

Handle extremely large volume of contacts. Social N Generates over 5,000 Tweets per Week; 75 Press Releases per day, Hundreds of Event Postings on our Calendars. Social N is the largest brand for instance in the L.A. Area, the Largest Brand in the State of Arizona, and we are always expanding. Our Network Grows by about 3,000 new connections each day. As such, we are looking for an extremely motivated experienced visionary West Coast Sales Manager to grow the conversion process while increasing her/his own wealth.  We think Seattle is a great place to look for this Sales Manager, since we want someone who has skills in the Digital to Human Conversion Space ~ and who is looking for an entrepreneurial relationship after their  stint with Internet Media.
~ Social Data Science Curious
~ Skills in Converting Internet “Interested”   to Human Connected
~ Create Systems for CRM and Upsell
~ Integrate with new disruptive technology
~ Look to Be Hands on, Selling Daily, Stay in Touch with the Market
~ Hire, Train, Recruit Departmentally
~ Train Support Systematize Other Branches to Sales Process
This is DEFINITELY a performance based position, with income on the low side of 5 to 10 thousand per month. On the high side, expect earnings to be over 25k per month to Unlimited. We are looking for first year revenue of 1.2 Million first year, 7 Million Second year.
Contact Founder Directly at: 571-501-6129


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