An Even Keel

And in a shocking turn of events, nothing remotely exciting, horrifying, or destructive happened this weekend. I know, I’m suspicious too. I swear there’s something I’m missing. (Granted, the twins did figure out how to get [...]

Tell Me More About Your Imaginary Friends

I don’t get the chance to catch Husband off guard very often, but when the opportunity does finally arise, I usually surprise him with something completely mundane. “I’m going to get coffee with friends on Saturday.” A [...]

Can I Deduct My Sanity?

Per my last entry about this, I’d decided to have someone undertake the task of sorting through last year’s financial documents, 1099s, and whether I could write off canned goods I let the baby use as stacking toys before I opened [...]

A Piscine Expansion

  And in today’s headline… “More snow falls over weekend. Crazed woman resolves to dig to freedom using teaspoon.” Moving on. Things around the Split level are feeling a little cramped lately. This ever-present [...]

Title Me This

Keeping the bigger kids distracted has become a daily chore. And no napping means they’ve decided to fill that void by following me around and asking the same question, over and over again. Correction, they stay busy by asking questions [...]

Why Would You Stick Your Head In There?

If you were to ask our friends how much Husband and I get out of the house, dollars to donuts, they’d probably look at you and say, “Who?” Besides a social life, the only other casualty this relationship has suffered is an [...]

A Quick Deduction

Ugh, I don’t even know how I’m going to write this post, I’m so distracted by Salvador Perez pressing his face against the front window and mewing like we never feed him and don’t let him sleep in the warm basement, [...]

Braving the Grocery Store Before Christmas

Is everything around the Split level mass chaos? Yes. Thank you for asking. With one present left to buy, the van breaking down, and not a shower to be seen for me in the last couple days, things are, um, going. Not to worry, I found a few [...]

A Schedule of Tedious Events

You may remember I wrote a post on Monday which seemed fairly organized and punctuated by semi-clear thoughts and only thirty-seven typos. Unfortunately, today’s selection will be headed the opposite route, recounting this week’s [...]

How To Disappoint Small Children At Christmas

Ahh, there’s nothing like the smell of bleach in the afternoon. Am I right, or am I right? That’s correct. I’m wrong, it’s horrible, and I’m blinking through the fumes in order to write this post. Dedication, it’s [...]