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Business Opportunity in Seattle

Presently, there is certainly no better time to start or own a business in Seattle than right now, with the availability of a variety of new businesses http://www.businessbroker.net/city/seattle-wa-businesses-for-sale.aspx. As a result of its steady economic growth which is partly due to its burgeoning technology industries propelled by the presence of companies like Microsoft and Amazon in the city, a wide range of lucrative business and commercial business deals are readily available with many of these businesses falling within and outside a price range of $50,000-$2,000,000 http://www.bizquest.com/city/seattle-wa-businesses-for-sale/.

The city is located in the State of Washington and it’s also the largest city in the Pacific North-West region of the United States of America. Widely referred to as the Emerald city (due to its emerald like green foliage spawning surrounding the area) and sometimes referred to as a coastal city, Seattle city is located between an arm of the vast Pacific Ocean and Lake Washington known as the Puget Sound.

In 2013, Forbes ranked Seattle No. 9 on its list of the Best Places for Business and Careers while in 2014, a Seattle-based property management firm reported Seattle as the number seven U.S. city for rental real estate investment. According to a recent nationwide study on home prices made by the demand institute, reports projected a 12 percent rise in Seattle real estate prices over the course of the next two years and a 15 percent rise over the next four years (http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattlewaterfronthomes/2014/03/03/report-seattle-real-estate-prices-to-rise-12-by-2015-18-by-2018/).

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This indicates that the Seattle real estate market is expected to thrive in the near future with the Seattle residential market already showing signs pointing to a healthy residential market in 2014 with a 9.6 percent rise of home sales in January (http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattlerealestate/2014/03/05/sales-of-new-homes-on-the-rise-nationally/ ).

According to this report, the Emerald city will be the top home investment destination with high profitability for the next 4 years and as such, making real estate investments in Seattle will be totally logical and ultimately profiting.

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