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Used to be that you would go with your dad, ever since you were a kid, and head down to the barber shop to get your hair cut. Just the boys, sitting down and talking about nothing and telling lies, then heading home until next time. Then came the salon, the the beauty parlor, and the cheap, cookie-cutter, $13 haircut. And we stopped caring. Like most other things in our lives, getting our hair cut became another chore, another item on our list of mundane, bored-with-your-life rituals.

Then in 1992, a few guys from Seattle had enough. Living downtown, and looking to feed on the sense of community and uniqueness that the city and time had lent them, they opened Rudy’s Barbershop. Leaving behind any pseudo-misogynistic remnants of their predecessors, this barbershop was for men and women of all kinds and credos. It was a place to talk and be part of a community, and people immediately got it. Receiving overwhelming initial success, they began opening locations all along the West Coast.

Today you can go back to the original Rudy’s on Capitol Hill or U-District or any of their other locations and get a haircut and a hot shave- any day, no appointments needed. So get back to the basics, have a seat, and relax at Rudy’s Barbershop this week. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you thought and your favorite location to visit.

by James M. Galindo

Rudy’s Barbershop (Heritage Documentary) – Vimeo


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